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illinois, and they're our neighbors in missouri. >> he's the president of the united states, and that deserves respect. >> he's a nice guy. >> he's pretty good at basketball. >> one nice thing or three nice things if you like about president barack obama. >> who are you with? >> he speaks eloquently. >> he does have charisma. >> he'll be out in 68 days. >> this is romney's night. maybe you should go to charlotte. >> well, it's not really pulling teeth to get them to say something nice. some people could not come up with anything. we look forward to asking democrats next week in charlotte what they think of mitt romney. >> cenk: man, i was taken aback by senator shelby's response. that's a senator. he could say one nice thing about the president wow. we seem to have a theme there. plays basketball. family man and a snapgy dresser. >> caller: and there are so many things you would they could say. he gave me the tax cuts i need. he's a non-violent muslim. he's half white. at least something from these guys. >> the funniest part about saying he's a snapgy dresser left to his own
to be president of the united states of america. remember what he said last week. he thinks middle income is between $200,000 and $250,000. he said i'm trying to help the middle class. if you think that the middle class has quarter of a million dollars a year, yeah maybe you are trying to help those people. this guy is only in it for the rich. he has another interesting admission here. >> cenk: you're telling me you didn't have a silver spoon growing up? he said no, no, i didn't take the inheritance my father left me. i gave it to charity. probably the mormon church, and they were involved in prop eight. how about the education your dad paid for and how about all the advantages your dad gave you and all the people you knew because he ran for governor, and then for president. you're so unappreciative, it's sick. get allowed of this ironry. he said, oh my god if only i were minority. >> cenk: oh, if your dad was mexican you would have a better chance? are you kidding me? then you would have a perspective of people who grew up there. he said i want to be super rich and had all the advantages
and the first thing you do when you get back to the united states is go to taco bell? >> two tacos and a bean burrito. >> cenk: that's the fun part. but who actually killed bin laden? all of a sudden it's not that clear. you know what time it is, right. go time! ♪ >> cenk: mitt romney took a tiny lead, and it wasn't much of a bump at all. at the democratic convention there was not a bump. 49-44. all of a sudden opening up a five-point lead for president obama. the swing states are the most important. we'll get polling on that soon as well, but it looks like there was definitely a bounce in the polls for president obama after the convention. during our coverage on current eliot spitzer predicted a four-point bump. i predicted five. vice president gore, six to eight. it looks like the democratic convention went off better than the republican one if you look at the polls. now that the conventions are over, mitt romney as usual getting himself in more and more trouble. so they're answering the question. you got to under something. mitt romney's tax plan is a disaster for the budget. it would
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3